Diploma in Computer Science

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About the Programme

The Diploma in Computer Science at Imperium International College is specifically formulated to equip students with knowledge, technical skills and personal qualities for a career in Computer Science or for furthering their academic pursuit in degree programmes. Students will be equipped with technical competencies in utilising and adapting to new computing technologies to help graduates excel at work and further study. Through these programme, students will also develop knowledge in programming, mathematics, databases, operating system, web development, SQL, systems analysis, design, testing and software implementation. With communication competencies, they will also be well-suited to develop their role as a leader or a team player in the workplace, at home, in different social groups, and in the general society.

The Diploma in Computer Science programme is designed to develop the students’ skills in analysing and planning, with the ability to utilise and adapt to new software technologies.

Graduates can further choose to continue into:

Bachelor of Computer Science, Anglia Ruskin University

and other degree programmes

Why Diploma in Computer Science @ Imperium International College?

Unique Global Exposure

Industry Relevant

Professional Development Programmes

Unique Global Exposure

Industry Relevant - Our learner-centered curriculum design focuses on a 90% coursework syllabus

Professional Development Programmes - Specialised curated workshops by industry professionals to provide students with a better in-depth knowledge in their field of study

High Employability Rate - Our ARU graduates are highly sought after as they have managed to secure a full-time position within 3 months after their graduation

Programme Structure

Introduction to Computer & Applications
Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming
Introduction to Entrepreneurial Behaviour
Pengajian Malaysia or Bahasa Komunikasi 2
Programming in C++
Computing Mathematics
System Analysis & Design
Internet Technology
Programming with Java 1
Multimedia Technology
Data Structure
Discrete Mathematics
Communication Skills

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
Programming with Java 2
Data Communications & Networking
Operating Systems
Introduction to Database
Comparative Religion
Software Project
Network Programming Essentials
Essence of Linux
Web Programming in Java
Community Services
Internship Industrial Training (3 Months)

2 years and + 3-month internship

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM / UEC / O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits or their equivalent with a pass in English, BM and History, and a credit in Mathematics

Assessment and Examination
The major objective of the assessment and examination procedures is to improve student learning and measure their comprehension
Final grades reflect:
- 90% Coursework
- 10% Final Examination

Student Testimony

Kitson Lim

Anglia Ruskin University Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

My journey at Imperium International College has been nothing short of amazing. While the facilities here may not be the flashiest, the lecturers and staffs worked extremely hard to provide me and my friends with the best experience possible, constantly encouraging us and guiding us patiently even when we may be at our lowest.
Of course, one of the many memorable things about my journey in Imperium was the diverse and talented teaching staffs. Throughout my studies, I had been taught by many lecturers with various teaching styles – from the familiar reading-heavy approach, to classes with exciting group activities! Sprinkle in the humor and gleaming smiles and it would be hard for anyone not to be able to find a staff that they would resonate with. The IT subjects that I took part in were also all very informational, and there isn’t a hint of doubt that the lecturers teaching them were well-versed in them.
Besides that, there also had been an abundance of events throughout the years of my study, some organized by students while others by the college. Needless to say, the events were a delight to participate in. Some such as the Swiss Game Design and Artificial Intelligence Workshop added to my academic knowledge, while New Year celebrations and Fright Night gave me a joyous experience and expanded my social circle. It would be a crime not to also mention the Mexican Posada and other international events that exposed me to other cultures from around the world, and my friends and I were always encouraged to be an active part of those events.
Lastly, perhaps the best thing about my experience at Imperium were the students. Imperium is very welcoming of international students in particular. Outside of my IT classes in clubs, events or general subject classes, I was able to meet with many people. The friendly culture cultivated by the college environment allowed me to be friends with students of various background, interest, and experience, most of whom are still in close contact with each other. I can go on but in summary, studying in Imperium International College is a one-of-a-kind experience and I was very happy with my time here.

Cavin Neoh

Anglia Ruskin University Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

I enjoyed my time at Imperium International College because the curriculum was easy to follow and the workload was reasonable. I spent my extra time helping out at the Marketing Department and the experience helped me grow as a person and provided me with additional skills for me to carry into my working life. The study trip to Anglia Ruskin University at Cambridge, UK brought great value to me and I am grateful to Imperium International College for the memorable journey.
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