Foundation Studies in Arts

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About the Programme

Imperium’s Foundation Studies in Arts is a programme of proven quality and value that is widely accepted as an entry qualification for Economics, Finance and Accounting programmes in the prestigious and world-class Anglia Ruskin University as well as other premier universities.

This programme is suitable for you if you:

  • Prefer a direct pathway to Anglia Ruskin University Degree Programmes
  • Are comfortable with a balance academic performance of 50% coursework and 50% examination
  • Aim to develop strong foundation in a chosen field of study
  • Are active and like working in teams and enjoy activities

Why Foundation in Arts @ Imperium International College?

International Recognition

Comprehensive Scholarships

Solid Foundation Towards Bachelor Programmes

Industry Experts - Our Lecturers come from various industries with over 10 years of experience in both industry exposure and lecturing

International Recognition – Our graduates are accepted by universities in Malaysia and overseas for admission to a range of Bachelor degree programmes

Comprehensive Scholarships – Generous scholarships allow students to focus on their studies without having financial worries

Solid Foundation Towards Bachelor Programmes – Our learner-centred curriculum allows for students to be part of our degree programmes with exposure to lectures and tutorials as an initiative to help them choose the right field of study for their degree

Head of Centre Message

Mr Vasan Varathan

Head of Imperium Centre for Foundation Programmes

Greetings to all. Welcome to Imperium International College’s Centre for Foundation programmes.

Imperium’s Foundation in Arts programme is a Pre-University programme which delivers subjects that are related to the arts and humanities discipline. In whole, it is a preparatory course for school-leavers who want to qualify for a place on a bachelor's degree course specifically in Arts. We believe in a complete holistic education. This means that, coupled with academic knowledge, you will be exposed to experiential learning as an integral part of your well-rounded education. Each of our programme has been designed to ensure students develop their basics in the subjects so that they can cope with the pressure of higher education. Besides curriculum, we also focus on building students’ soft skills such as confidence, team work and communication to ensure that they are able to succeed in a career of their choice. Equipped with young and dynamic lecturers, we assure that our educators go beyond the normal norm. We are committed to molding and shaping students to have a balanced world view and an understanding of social issues and world affairs outside of textbooks. Our emphasis is not confined to students performing well in examinations and moving on to tertiary studies but in developing their passion for life-long learning, confidence in their own ability and harnessing their talents.

On that note, let me welcome you to chart your own success with us.

Programme Structure

English Language & Communication 100
Mathematics 101
Accounting 101

Mathematics 102
Economics 101

Economics 102
Accounting 102
Introduction to Information Systems
Critical Thinking

1 year

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM with a minimum of 5 credits (with a pass in BM and History or
Forecast/ Trial Examination Results may be used for provisional enrolment if the official results have yet to be released

Assessment and Examination
Students are evaluated through 50% coursework (quizzes, projects, topic reviews, investigations, assignments and presentations) and 50% examination at the end of each subject / unit. The completion certificate awarded will show a combined CGPA and grade.

Student Testimony

Kheng Soh Geik

Foundation in Arts

Through Imperium International College’s Foundation in Arts programme, it has effectively equipped me the knowledge that was needed for me to pursue my undergraduate studies. The programme also made me realise that my foundation is not just about the knowledge but it is about building the fundamental analytic and comprehension skills for future programmes.

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ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)

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