Diploma in Business Information System

Head of Department

Hello and welcome to Imperium’s Centre for IT Programmes. My name is Dr Than and I am the Head of Department in the IT Centre.

Andrew Ng, a Professor at Stanford University and one of the foremost minds on Artificial Intelligence once said “Education is not about ‘thinning the herd’ but Education is about helping every student succeed. Here at Imperium we take this seriously and here is how we do it.

To see you succeed, we go on this challenging journey with you

Our lecturers are consistently rated as excellent not only for their knowledge but also for their nurturing characteristics.

To help you keep up with Technology,

We provide specialized and free workshops on Data Science, AI, Blockchain, IoT and developing technologies by industry professionals and our lecturers.

Our Computer Science Degree programme

is based a 90% coursework. This helps you develop hands-on, practical skills that are essential for entering the workforce as competent professionals. Because of this, the average time it takes our students to find a job is less than 2 months.

We invite you to go on this exciting journey with us. See you soon.

About the Programme

This programme aims to equip students with industry-relevant skills in business information systems that are essential for entering the workforce as competent professionals and thus be more competitive in the global employment market. The focus is on performing business analysis, and to run and design business software. A three-month practical training/Internship is built into the programme. The areas covered include Computer Science subjects such as computer languages, multimedia and website programming, and business courses such as marketing, management, and accounting. The Diploma in Business Information systems programme is designed to develop students’ skills in computer science that are essential for entering the workforce as competent IT professionals.

Why Diploma in Computer Science @ Imperium International College?

Student Testimony

studying Business Information Systems at Imperium International College was a good decision. The lecturers were friendly and have lots of experience on how to guide students. In my IT programme, I learnt how to write code for front-end, database management and PHP coding, to name a few. On the business side, I loved studying marketing which ultimately changed my outlook. The generation of the future is a Technology Generation, so having business as well as IT skills is a must. I am glad Imperium International College offered my programme which was greatly beneficial for my future.
Lam Yuan Ning Fish Lam Yuan Ning
Diploma in Business Information System & ARU Business Information System
My overall college experience has been quite enjoyable at Imperium International College. This is because, the staff are friendly, professional and understanding to any need that you may have. The facilities within the college campus are good as it improved my student life whilst studying there. I have gone from having zero confidence in myself to being very proud of what I have achieved in such a short time with the support of peers and lecturers from Imperium International College.
Md Golam Muttaquee Talukder
ARU Business Information System

Programme Structure



Entry Requirements

Passed SPM / UEC / O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits or their equivalent with a pass in English, BM and History, and a credit in Mathematics


January, April, August
2 years and + 3-month internship

Assessment and Examination

The major objective of the assessment and examination procedures is to improve student learning and measure their comprehension Final grades reflect:
  • 90% Coursework
  • 10% Final Examination
  • For admission enquiry, kindly contact our education counsellors below:

    Teo Wai Xiang



    Andria Andrew