Diploma in Business

About the Programme

IIC Diploma in Business is a full-time programme that is carefully structured to develop students’ capabilities, enhance their self-development and equipping them to contribute effectively in the complex and ever-changing business world. Apart from that, this diploma is designed for those who wish to gain business understanding and learn business practices in the real world.

This programme does not only offer immediate career opportunities upon completion, but also provides the foundation for pursuing an undergraduate business degree, either in specialised disciplines or in general paths, leading to broader career options in all areas of business.

The IIC Diploma in Business is an excellent platform for students to build on and further their studies in the 2nd year of a business degree. (Note: This only applies to ARU programmes. For bachelor programmes from other universities, the entry will depend on the number of exemptions granted to the IIC Diploma in Business.)

The Diploma in Business programme is designed to develop students’ skills in analysing and planning, with the ability to resolve business issues

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing, Anglia Ruskin University, UK; and
  • Other degree programmes

Why Diploma in Business @ Imperium International College?

Student Testimony

As a Diploma in Business graduate, I had a great and enjoyable experience studying here. My first thought is that the environment was great, and the management were friendly. I made a lot of friends as people here were just so friendly and engaging. The lecturers were amazing; some lecturers delivered their lessons in a really fun way, plus they were always ready to guide students with their assignments. And convenience is also one of the reasons that I had chosen to study here; the LRT station is connected to the college and there are many food outlets and convenience shops like KK Mart, Family Mart and 7-Eleven that are nearby. Lastly, I highly recommend the Diploma in Business course. I have learnt a lot in this course and gained a lot of amazing experience studying here.
Dominic Ng Ze Li
Diploma in Business

Programme Structure



Elective Subjects

Entry Requirements

Passed SPM / UEC / O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits with a pass in BM and History)
IELTS Requirement:
IELTS – 5.5 or its equivalent


2 years + 3 months internship

Assessment and Examination

Coursework and Examination

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Ms Loges

Mr Teo