Diploma In Culinary Arts

Mr Jawad Husny bin Ash’ari
Head of Imperium School of Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism

Hi there, welcome to Imperium International College’s School of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism.

Imperium’s Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism Diploma programs are our homegrown products where the curriculum, teaching, assessment, and awards are delivered by industry experts. Our lecturers come from various hospitality and tourism industries and have experience in various specialties across training, competition-based events and award-winning programmes.

Imperium’s diplomas are designed to prepare students to have a sufficient basic knowledge in culinary, hospitality and tourism principles and concepts. Our students are groomed through various workshops, consultations and mentoring programs conducted by our experienced lecturers aimed to train students to make decisions and perform duties with positive work ethics such as integrity, responsibility, high quality, discipline, humility and teamwork.

Students who have successfully completed the programs will have the theoretical and practical knowledge, understanding of fundamental theories as well as relevant practical skills and real-industry experience in their field work.

In conclusion, our programs will ensure that our graduates are career-ready for employment, with a good ability to carry out their unique responsibilities. Thanks to our global recognition, our diploma graduates have been accepted into various international hospitality organizations with a colorful career advancement.

On that note, let me welcome you to begin your journey with us towards a future in Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism.


About the Programme

The Imperium International College (IIC) offers Diploma in Culinary Arts under the School of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism. Graduates from this Programme of Diploma in Culinary Arts will acquire various culinary skills and knowledge which includes from Western Cuisines to authentic Chinese Cuisine. The students will be well-equipped with knowledge to meet the challenges of careers in food-related industries. The Diploma in Culinary Arts is designed to develop students’ skills with a sound foundation in both culinary skills and entrepreneurial know-how with a 60% learning by practice and 40% of management knowledge and skills.

Why Diploma in Culinary Arts @ Imperium International College?

Student Testimony

I obtained more skills, knowledge, and experience, than I ever imagined possible from the Diploma in Culinary Arts at Imperium International College. It has not only provided me with the knowledge required to understand how to create a food product, but also the skills to evaluate the supporting factor in creating a food product due to practical class and theory class in the field. It also provided me with the opportunity to go to world-standard competition. With to this experience, I was able to create a product in a proper kitchen and learn dozens of valuable skills to assist me to become a better chef. The course staff and lecturer supported and guided me in creating a successful and fulfilling experience on the course. Moreover, I learned an immense amount of knowledge and life experience from my lecture and my classmate; I will forever be thankful for their presence.
Karel Valentino
Diploma in Culinary Arts

Programme Structure



Entry Requirements

Passed SPM / UEC / O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits with a pass in English, BM and History


January, April, August
2 years and + 3-month internship

Assessment and Examination

The major objective of the assessment and examination procedures is to improve student learning and measure their comprehension
Final grades reflect:

  • 40% Coursework
  • 60% Final Examination


For admission enquiry, kindly contact our education counsellors below:

Teo Wai Xiang



Andria Andrew