It was no doubt that the candidates for SPM 2020 had the toughest and confusing decision to make - which was what exactly to pursue after the release of their results, especially with their future very much uncertain amidst the pandemic.Should they follow their dreams? Ambitions? Their parents’ ambition? Some ask themselves - What is cool to pursue these days? And most importantly what has become irrelevant during and after this horrible pandemic? So many uncertainties and so many confusing feedbacks to what is happening - especially within the education industry.

The timeline to their plans has also been royally disrupted, and according to the timeline - some of them should have already been in their second semester in college or university. What we cannot deny is that most of them have been glued to the screen and online distance learning since early 2020. Some did not have the opportunity to graduate and go through the same drill they should have as the world was busy combatting the common enemy - Covid19.

This postponement has caused them, to rethink and reevaluate their future pathway, their decisions now weigh on affordability, relatability and job opportunities post completing their studies. With the travel ban and travel restrictions, students must pick and choose from the many institutions, colleges and universities in Malaysia.With that said, there is still just so much information and tons of opinions to absorb about tertiary education. They include certificate courses, foundation studies, matriculation and diploma programmes at private and public universities, colleges, polytechnics, community colleges and skills training institutes.

The real challenge is to filter through all your options and make the right choice, or the choice that makes sense to you. Times are changing and the world is evolving, best not confine yourself to what you planned for a year ago.Ms Anne Rajasaikaran, CEO and President of Imperium International College stresses that school leavers, either with SPM or STPM (or equivalent) qualification, must have in-depth discussion with their parents, family members, their counselling teachers and seniors, perhaps, to gain information and gauge which option is best. While doing so, its best If the student has an idea of what interest them, do your research and understand the pathway when considering. Students should also speak to counselors or mentors on the level and depth of study required. Speaking to seniors and friends who have gone through similar programmes will also provide them some light as to what is required.

To provide students with a better understanding of their future pathway, Imperium International College has put together some quick information to help you digest the available options for you after SPM in Malaysia.

Foundation: If you have set your sights on a particular university
Foundation programmes are designed to help students progress from SPM to a degree programme. It also allows them to get a foot into their university of choice. Each foundation course consists of core and elective subjects, which prepares students for university while allowing them to explore different interests. Imperium International College offers both Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science programmes that are MQA accredited. Graduates from their Foundation programme can progress to their Anglia Ruskin undergraduate 3+0 programme for a UK education without having the need to travel abroad. This leaves you some room to change your mind, as it is a general Foundation with no specification. The basic entry requirements to pursue foundation programmes are as follows.

Entry Requirements (Social Science/Arts)
1. Passed SPM with a minimum of 5 credits: or
2. Passed Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with a minimum Grade B in 3 subjects: or
3. Passed O-Level with a minimum Grade C in 5 subjects: or
4. Any other qualifications approved by the Malaysian Government.

Entry Requirements (Science)
1. Passed SPM with a minimum of 5 credits (with a pass in any Science and Mathematics): or
2. Passed Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with a minimum Grade B in 3 subjects with a pass in any Science/Mathematics subjects: or
3. Passed O-Level with a minimum Grade C in 5 subjects with a pass in any Science/Mathematics subjects: or
4. Any other qualifications approved by the Malaysian Government.

Diploma: If you want the option of getting straight into the workforce or a great pathway of getting a degree
Should students prefer a more hands-on learning experience, they can go with a diploma course programme of their choice. Upon completion of their diploma, they can opt to go straight into the workplace or continue with a degree in the same field. Imperium International College offers homegrown diploma programmes in the field of Accounting, Finance, Business, IT, Engineering, Culinary and Hospitality. The basic entry requirements to pursue diploma programmes are as follows.

Entry Requirements (Social Science/Arts)
1. Passed SPM / UEC /O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits including Mathematics (with a pass in BM, History and English)
2. IELTS Requirement: 5.5 or its equivalent

Entry Requirements (Science/Engineering)
1. Passed SPM / UEC / O-Levels with a minimum of 3 credits with a pass in English, BM and History or their equivalent – including a credit in Mathematics and ONE relevant Science / Technical / Vocational subject
2. IELTS Requirement: 5.5 or its equivalent

ACCA: If you have your head set on becoming an Accountant and to learn accounting
If students have their mind set on accounting, there are a few ways they can go about to get qualified for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

SPM > Diploma in Accounting > Degree in Accounting > Four ACCA papers > 3 years’ experience

SPM > A-Levels/STPM > 13 ACCA papers > 3 years’ experience

SPM > ACCA Foundation in Accounting (ACCA FIA) > 10 ACCA papers > 3 years’ experience

Imperium International College offers both ACCA and ACCA FIA programmes and have been awarded with the Platinum Status Approved Learning Partner as well as a Licensed CBE centre since 2014.They have also produced world prize winners, thanks to their industry professional lecturers who ae mostly ACCA members themselves.Imperium International College as your preferred tertiary education institution.Students who are looking to further their education and graduate with a UK degree can now do so by enrolling with Imperium International College. Through their partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, students can complete their UK education from Malaysia without spending extra to travel abroad, thanks to its 3+0 programme. Students will graduate with a degree from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), which is currently ranked within the top 350 universities in the world and ranked 38th in the UK by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021.

Imperium’s curriculum comprises of 50% theory and 50% practical that enhances student’s learning experience. It provides a balanced learning curve for students with different learning abilities. As some students are more inclined toward memorizing notes while some students are better at using motor skills, the ARU UK Program strikes a balance between these to ensure students excel academically.

Formerly HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT), Imperium International College is now owned by MAA Group as the company puts focus on expanding its education business. MAA Group also owns St John’s International School and Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi under its education subsidiary, Edumaax Sdn Bhd. Located at the heart of a busy metropolitan city. Imperium is well connected via a link bridge to the city’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) network that connects the college (Chan Sow Lin LRT station) to the greater KL.

Chairman of Imperium International College, YM Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra believes that everyone has a right to proper education. With that said, Imperium is now empowering the leaders of tomorrow with its Free Foundation programmes as well as Loyalty Rebates for its Diploma Programmes.

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